Ø.125 ~ Ø2.500 honing capacity (automatic strokers).  Capable of controlling <Ø.0002 tolerances as well as surface finishes <10 Ra. 
Note: These tolerances are dependent upon material(s), design of parts, as well as pre-machined sizes prior to honing.


Triangle does on-site surface grinding and has (2) automatic surface grinders (8″ x 18″).

In addition, we offer Blanchard grinding services up to 30” dia.

We do process many jobs thru to completion that require many other grinding processes (O.D., I.D., profile, centered and centerless grinding). We use a list of highly qualified vendors who work well with Triangle to ensure a quality product in a timely fashion.


We have the capability to waterjet a wide variety of materials (plastics, aluminum, stainless steels, steels & super alloys) up to 6” thick.

Waterjet processing offers precision cutting of flat materials with the reduced risk of external stresses inherent to some machining and/or heat. It is ideal for any product where laser cutting is not allowable due to recast problems.

Our unit offers a dynamically controlled head which reduces ‘kerf’ and by doing so, keeps the side walls (where cut) perpendicular to the top plane (usually) to less than .005”.

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